(Born 1983) Based in Surrey, England

Studied under Anastasia Pollard, Luca Indraccolo and Giles Lester

Every artwork made from observation or imagination.

Group exhibitions:

Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2019 ( This May upcoming)

Lynn Stainers 2019

NEAC 2018

Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2018

Royal Society of British Artists 2017  (Gordon Hulson Memorial prize winner)

Pastel Society 2016

Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2015

Royal Society of British Artists 2015

Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2014

Chertsey Artists 2013

Royal Institute of Oil Painters 2012

Royal Society of Portrait Painters 2012

Basic Palette:

Raw Umber (Old Holland)

Ultramarine Blue (Old Holland)

Cadmium Red Light (Blockx)

Gold Ochre (Old Holland)

Cadmium Yellow Light (Blockx)

Cremnitz or Flake white

I try to use the least number of colours that I can for the desired range of hue, chroma and value throughout the painting.

Hue is what colour something is, eg. blue.

Chroma is how colourful a colour is, eg. fluorescent orange would be high chroma.

Value is how bright or dark a colour is, eg. pure black is the lowest possible value.

Some subject matter may require a colour like Magenta or Viridian, to extend the range of chroma available on my palette beyond what I would normally need.

In terms of painting, I consider greys to simply mean very low chroma (muted) spectrum colours.  I like to mix these from combinations of colours.


Synthetic Ivory; flats, brights, filberts and riggers (Rosemary)

Sable brushes for small panel paintings; pointed and filberts (Rosemary)

Hog flats and filberts (Cornelissen)

Jacksons Art palette/painting knives


– Fine / Medium French or Italian linen

– Plywood / Ampersand panels / Claybord

Current oil painting medium:

– Sansodor (Winsor & Newton odourless turpentine) for initial wash drawing or first paint layer (if any).  

– Sun-thickened cold pressed linseed sometimes added to additional layers.


– Caran d’ache 2mm clutch pencils and leads

Favourite paper is Hot Press Arches watercolour paper.

Staedtler barrel sharpener for a razor sharp point.

Fine Art